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June 09, 2008

My Purse is a Disgrace

Purse A few weeks ago, I bought a new straw bag from J. Crew for summer.  On the outside, it is very beach/ farmer's market/picnic chic.  On the inside, the bag is basically a portable garbage can. 

I have a very bad case of disorganized, dirty Mom purse and I don't quite understand how this has happened to me.  It is an embarrassment.  Every Mom I know carries around an absurd amount of kid-related supplies (some necessary, some not so necessary).  But my purse has gotten out of of control.  It is a goldfish cracker wasteland.  I decided to clean it out today and I thought I would share some of the (totally disgusting) contents.

So here I go, baring my disorganized soul.  This is the garbage I lug around with me on a daily basis. 

  1. My wallet (never enough cash, but about five pounds in change because I never clean it out)
  2. Two spare diapers, travel wipes, and a plastic bag in case we have a really bad diaper situation
  3. Three water bottles (one for me and each of my little ones)
  4. Tissues for runny noses, sticky fingers, etc.
  5. Four half-empty bottles of Purell
  6. Cell phone
  7. A piece of string cheese that has possibly been in there for five days or more
  8. An assortment of matchbox cars, trains, and trucks (about six in all)
  9. A band aid
  10. Lip gloss with cracker crumbs stuck to the top
  11. Sunglasses to disguise the fact that I don't have any concealer on
  12. A variety of snack options for the kiddos (this is where the goldfish problem comes in)
  13. Altoids as a snack for me
  14. My son's baseball hat
  15. A mini-pack of colored pencils to entertain the kids when we go to restaurants
  16. Several unnecessary receipts
  17. SPF 50
  18. Two lollipops zipped away in a pocket in case of extreme emergency

I think that's it -- hardly an adult item in the bunch.  When I am with my kids, my purse is simply a utilitarian part of our daily life (plus I fit right in with all of the other moms at the park hauling massive totes). But when I am go some place without my kids (for example, getting my haircut today), I just feel like an unsophisticated loser with a big, messy purse.

Caitlin blogs about her adventures as a stay-at-home Mom at A Hen and Two Chicks and Savvy Source Chicago.

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