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May 17, 2008

A bedwetter goes back to diapers

DiapersYesterday I purchased a package of size 4 diapers for my daughter, who has been potty-trained for a year. She's been wetting the bed pretty consistently and refuses to put on a Pull-Up. Not even a name brand Pull-Up emblazoned with the Disney Princesses. She told me they were too uncomfortable. I told her they're surely more comfortable than wet pajamas and sheets.

Waking her up for a midnight pee was unsuccessful. Limiting fluids didn't seem to make a difference. And while layering sheets and waterproof mattress pads made changing the sheets easier, peeling piss-soaked pajamas, underpants and socks off a sleepy 3 year old at 3am just plain sucks.

So when Z agreed that she'd wear a "big diaper," I bought her some. I thought she might feel a teeny bit humiliated to be back in baby diapers at night, but quite the opposite is true. She's loving the novelty. She's borderline gleeful knowing there's one less thing that her baby sister has that she doesn't.

Which irritates me a bit...but not as much as the midnight strip.

An original post to Chicago Moms Blog. Alma works full-time at an advertising agency and is mother to two daughters, 3 1/2 year old Z and 9 month old Baby A. Her personal blog is Marketing Mommy.


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