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April 15, 2008

Sent From My iPhone

IphoneYou know the emails. Your snazzy friends with their high tech gadgets send you an email and the signature at the bottom is just enough to rub it in some more: Sent from my iPhone. You can remove that signature, you know. You don't have to keep it on there.

I was happy with my beat up Motorola flip phone that doesn't even text and, if it did, I didn't know how to anyway. Maybe in some ways I remained loyal to that darn cell phone that sometimes worked just to prove I didn't need to upgrade to something, um, "smart."

As much as I love blogging and networking, I was rebelling against the need to constantly be connected every minute of every day. Twitter was about to send me over the edge. And then I just read this scary piece in the New York Times about the stress of keeping up with the 24/7 life in the Internet world. Bloggers falling over dead just because they wanted to be the first to blog about the latest "it" thing to talk about even though it would just be old news tomorrow anyway?

Surely I wasn't that obsessed. But I can see how it can happen. And I don't want it to happen to me.

Then I went and bought an iPhone. I did it. I couldn't send those emails fast enough to everyone in my contact list, hoping they'd notice the sassy signature at the bottom. And of course one of the first things I did was Tweet about it.

Help me now.

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