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April 01, 2008

I Can't Turn Down The Volume

StephanieToday has been a day. One of those days. It's a given that life with three small boys is going to be boisterous. But it seems that the volume is at an all new high around here. I am not sure how much more I can take it.

Inside voices and whispers don't seem to apply. Apparently their vocal chords are just not capable. It's not only the door slamming and the foot stomping. It's mainly the yelling (but to them it's talking) and the playing (did you know you can play Legos loudly?) They even blink too loud.

For a brief moment I had two sons gone for the day and one taking a nap. I found myself sitting, staring off into space, in shock by the silence. Unsure what to do. Not wanting to make a sound. No TV. No music. And definitely no volume on my computer. If I could have stopped the ticking of my kitchen clock I would have. I was this-close to rocking myself, fetal position, in the corner.

With another child in my belly, this loudness issue is something I'm going to have to get a grip on. Whether or not this baby is another boy, it won't matter. Large families equal large volume. And large headaches. But if you could only see the size of our house. It's small. And if you could see the size of my patience. There's hardly any left.

I write this at the end of a long day. When dinner dishes await my washing in the sink. Teeth need brushed, homework needs checking, bottoms need wiping, and hubby is working late again. I've shuffled the boys upstairs to get their jammies on while Mommy has some quiet time. Tonight they'll be snuggled in bed, I'll sneak in to smooth back their hair with my hand and place soft kisses on damp foreheads. I'll breathe in the stillness then and be reminded that big families also mean bigger hearts, and that much more love.

And tomorrow will be a new day with hopefully a much tighter grip on my sanity and an increase in my patience. But right now, the sounds upstairs have become a bit too quiet. Which, in a large family, can mean someone's up to no good...

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