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April 28, 2008

Even Brunch Can Be An Adventure

Chicago_moms_blogThe Chicago Moms Blog divas gathered for good food and conversation yesterday, thanks to our gracious hostess Mary Anne. Still not sure if we should come out from under the covers with where we really live, Arianne and I made the easy Sunday mid-morning drive from Indiana up to Bucktown in no time at all. 

Our adventure really began as we entered Mary Anne's apartment for the first time and I thought I heard her call us on up to the 6th floor. When we entered the elevator we soon realized it only went up to four. So, we thought maybe we should go to the 4th floor and walk up the rest of the way. (Or actually I think this is what I thought and Arianne just thought I was crazy.) We find the stairs- pitch black as the light was out- and proceed to what should be the 5th floor. Turns out it was the roof. Right about then we hear a small voice calling for us from far away. Hello?

We try not to kill ourselves coming back down the dark stairwell and find Mary Anne wondering just who she has invited over for brunch. We're already getting ourselves into trouble. I hand her my plate of homemade chocolate macaroons (only later do I tell everyone that they are raw & vegan). We take our shoes off outside a la the infamous Sex and the City baby shower episode and I only wish my brown boots will get stolen so I have an excuse for a new pair.

Of course, we're first to arrive so we make ourselves right at home. I toss the spinach salad and eye the other scrumptious delights Mary Anne has prepared for us. This pregnant Mama can hardly stand the hunger any longer. As soon as a few more Chicago Moms arrive, we dig in and don't look back.

It was the first time many of us were meeting in person and before long we were old friends. Talk of our blogs, babies, food allergies, potty training- the usual- ensues over mimosas and coffee and Bleeding Heart Bakery chocolate bark. The macaroons are a big hit, too, even after everyone finds out they are vegan (this is a first!) Everyone also finds out that I'm just a part-time vegan as I devour Mary Anne's Sri Lanken curried potatoes with rice and toppings and whatever that delicious chicken salad thing was in the crispy tortilla.

Lydia provides wonderful entertainment as we could all just listen to her forever, and Jennifer shows off her celebrity red-carpet-pose impressions. She's a talent, that one. Time flies by and soon we're saying our goodbyes and planning the next get together. We snap some last minute photos, pass out our Mommy Blogger cards, and it's time to go.  What a lovely brunch it was, but you can imagine my disappointment when I see that my boots are still there. Darn.

In attendance: Sophia Leto (not pictured), Amy, Arianne, Farrah, Catherine, Tracey, Lydia, Mary Anne, Alma, Jennifer, MJ, Cindy, & Stephanie.

Original Chicago Moms Blog post. Stephanie also gets into trouble daily at Adventures In Babywearing.


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