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March 13, 2008

Nothing Like A Good Concert To Make You Feel Old

StephanieLast night I got out of the house! And it wasn't to the grocery store. I went to see A Fine Frenzy at Schuba's on a week night. If you can't tell, it's been a while since a) I've left the house and b) I've been to a concert. 10 years ago that's all I ever did.

Of course, my first concern was about what to wear. I played it safe with the standard jeans, black shirt, and heels attire and I ended up fitting right in. The fact that my amazing sandwich at the adjoining Harmony Grill was the highlight of the night was probably my first clue I was closer to a senior citizen than young college babe. I decided to let it slide that, even though this was a 21 and over show, I wasn't asked to show ID.

My friend Arianne was so kind to put up with my geriatric self and invite me along. The concert started at 9:15 (my usual bedtime lately). I had never heard the band before- even with the world of Myspace, YouTube, and iTunes- I wanted the first time I heard her to be live. And lead singer Alison Sudol, only 22, had me mesmerized with her deep, soulful, ethereal voice. I found myself amazed that at such a young age she is already so talented and successful. I had dreams of that many years ago, too.

But probably the most shocking part of the night was all the cell phones. And the texting. And the digital cameras. Uh, when I was younger, you got searched as you went in to a concert and you'd never be allowed to take pictures, let alone video. I didn't feel so utterly elderly until I saw everyone immediately raise their phones as the  lights dimmed and the band came onto stage. I turned to Arianne and scrunched up my nose, "we always just used lighters." Does anyone do that anymore? Personally, I think the cell phone just isn't the same effect. But hey, I'm old.

I did end up sitting on the bench along the wall (the bench that everyone else was standing on so they could see better.) Don't forget- I am entering my second trimester of pregnancy and had just eaten a nice meal. It was also a bit warm in there. So I pop a squat and really enjoy my time sitting and listening to what will probably be my new favorite singer. I might have even tapped my foot along with a song or two. I was pleased that I remembered to bring a pony tail holder and put up my hair. Another highlight of the night.

I got home way too late. But I had fun the entire time- from the drive up there, dinner, hearing great live music, and even feeling old. Because back when I was doing this all the time, I wasn't as happy as I am now. I'm content... my iPod suits me just fine, pjs on the couch, three kids running around, and toys everywhere. My own fine frenzy.

Original Chicago Moms Blog post. Stephanie and her granny 31 year old self also blogs at Adventures In Babywearing and Close To Home.


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