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January 21, 2008

The Follow Up

Nesting So, last week I wrote about my chronic multi-tasking and a new hope to single-task it for a while and see how it goes. Well, a week later I must say that my house is cleaner. I am more rested. And I feel happier, more centered- whatever that means.

And oh yeah... all that was apparently nesting. I'm pregnant!

This is a good thing- the pregnancy and the nesting. I now have a very very big reason (OK, so right now only about the size of a lentil bean) to take it slow and savor every moment. Because in about 8 months I'm going to be Mama to four children. And I don't know how "taking it slow" fits into that picture. I'll at least have plenty of time to prepare and get a plan in place. I am thinking this whole "one thing at a time" thing is a great practice I want to apply for the future and beyond. And oh my gosh, I'm pregnant!!!!

Find the pregnant Stephanie blogging away at Adventures In Babywearing.


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