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November 13, 2007

Late In The Game

Videogames This Christmas I might actually give in and let the boys have their first video game. To some parents, we are looked at with crazy-eyes because our 5- and 6-year old sons don't know how to play Xbox or Wii. And others are appalled that we'd even consider letting the kids watch television, let alone play a video game.

In our family, we feel this might be the right time to let the games begin. (Or finally Daddy is willing to share his Xbox.) And finally I am willing to "go down this road." But, now I find myself not even knowing where to start. From what I've seen, there is no going back. So many gaming kids that I see are like addicts. How do I make sure that this is not the only thing they want to do, like, ever? I am not ready for them to stop playing imaginatively with their toys and sticks and strings and whatever else boys think up. Will this be progress or regression?

I am already armed with ESRB ratings info and know not to ever allow them to get into the online gamer

world until they are much, much older (and even then I'll be watching their every keystroke.) And although a recent poll on CNN.com has found that most parents aren't involved in their kids' video gaming, I hope to keep my head in the game.

My hand fights with me as I try to write "Lego Star Wars game" on my Christmas shopping list. I don't want to leave my boys behind their peers, but maybe I don't want them to leave me behind, too. I guess I better start warming up, because I think the best bet is to play right along  with them.

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