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October 22, 2007

Spin That Wheel!

Wheeloffortune_2 I'm a Wheel Watcher. It's true. Sometimes hubby and I look at each other as we eat dinner by the light of Wheel Of Fortune on the tube and say, "We're old." And also, "I gotta be on that show someday."

I pride myself in being able to guess the puzzle when it's blank. I've gotten it quite a few times. I've watched Wheel Of Fortune since Vanna had to actually turn each letter around, and you had to "shop" from the prize room. Now all Vanna has to do is point. And the prizes and dollars are much, much better now.

Well, the Wheel is coming to town this weekend! And I'll be there. Auditions are being held this Saturday, Sunday, & Monday at the Rosemont Theatre for future tapings of three weeks of shows in March 2008 at Navy Pier. Find out all the details here. And please let me know if you'll be there, too!

I already know how Pat will introduce me- "Meet Stephanie, a blogging stay-at-home Mom to three boys. Uh, please tell us, what's a blawg?"


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