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October 16, 2007

Sally Foster, My Kids Will Not Be Working For You!

Fall07_homemain_pic1r1 It's fall and fundraisers are in full-swing. We've already had Entertainment Books to sell (I bought one because, really, they do pay for themselves) but we did not try to pawn them off on any of our family and friends. And this weekend the dreaded Sally Foster Fundraiser packet was in the backpacks.

I don't want to squash school spirit- I am all for supporting the school and such, but come on. How can I, in good conscience, have my kids peddling hideous foil gift wrap at ridiculously high prices? Or 6 oz. of stale peanut clusters for $8. Not including tax and shipping. Really?

And the prizes for the top sellers (read: kid who has a Mom & Dad with the most co-workers) - oh, the prizes! Such incentive! The Top Selling Student in each class will win a darling, walking, grunting Pig! And in small print: The soft, furry, battery operated kind! AND for every $75 in sales, your name is entered to win a $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card! Don't even get me started.

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