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September 03, 2007

Labor Day BBQs Are So Overrated

StephMy Labor Day was spent lounging poolside in the sun, hanging out with my hot pool boy. Ok- I'll keep it real here. You could find me in a lawn chair in my backyard, feet in the kiddie pool, chilling out with my runny-nosed toddler. Add a fever, balls of tissue stuffed in the cup-holder of my folding chair, and desperate wishes to be able to hear, smell, and taste again.

We had plans to attend a BBQ, but due a rapid spreading cold throughout our home we stayed in and ordered pizza delivery two days in a row. I never even did that back in my college days.


But, the cool water being splashed down my legs from shovels and buckets and dump trucks did help my fever. I found that blowing bubbles when you're already light-headed is a whole new high. And thanks to my stuffed up nose I couldn't smell the aromas from the grills of the partying neighbors around me.

And who's to say I was the one missing out? I mean- pizza two days in a row! And a hubby that has done all the housekeeping and tending to the children the past few days. Next time I am totally faking sick.


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