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September 09, 2007

Is It Worth The Rush?-

Slow_downIt's a chronic condition. Americans are on fast-forward and it seems the pace is speeding up even more every day. We cram our already busy schedules causing us to eat, talk, work, love, & socialize on the run... but what's with the rush? Is it really worth it?

The recent tragedy in Northwest Indiana involving a Mom and her minivan full of kids being hit by two trains, throwing her from the car and killing two of her four children inside has tugged my heart and filled my mind all week. Video surveillance shows that she raced to beat the train and maybe thought she could make it in time, but another train was coming from the opposite direction that she must not have seen- her van was hit by both trains... with a horrific outcome.

I can't possibly imagine what could have been so important to make her try to beat that train. What couldn't wait 5 more minutes? Although I am extremely cautious when it comes to trains, what else have I risked or done foolishly when in a hurry? Just why do we allow ourselves to live in a way where just 5 minutes matter so much?

Some of us are so afraid of missing out or not achieving the "next big thing" that it  can consume our entire focus. But in doing so, we fail to enjoy and live the "right now."

I have to wonder: what is more worth it in the end?


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