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September 11, 2007

I Remember

Stephanie_911Noah was just a baby, almost 7 months old. I remember nursing him in our TV room, then putting him in his bouncy seat. Hubby was getting ready for work and I was in my pajamas. I had the Fox Morning News on.

I watched as they announced the first plane hit. I didn’t realize- nobody realized- what was really happening. It seemed to be a small plane. It seemed to be an accident. I casually called to hubby, “Oh, a plane hit the World Trade Center.” Said more like “weird” than what we’d know it to really be.

I remember calling to hubby again as he was about to step out the door… “Another plane!”

That got our attention. I am sure it got yours, too. I didn’t leave the TV for days straight. I’d never watched that much CNN in my life. Nothing else was on, and this was all we wanted to watch. Over and over- how many times did we need to see the planes hit- again and again, the people running in the streets, the buildings crashing, the smoke. So much smoke.

The darkness. It was so dark and smoky and ashy and death was all around when the buildings collapsed. We didn’t know what was going to happen next. We live near Chicago and we prayed that the terror didn’t come this way, too. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon. Another one in a field… what is happening? How could this happen?

This was something that took days to process in our minds. And still to this day when there is footage, or when the 1 year anniversary came around and we sat and watched it all played out on the news again, we still couldn’t look away.

9/11 was a turning point for our nation, and most of the world. There is no going back. We’ve all changed, whether we choose to realize it or not. Carter, our middle son was considered one of those 9/11 babies when he was born 10 months later during a baby boom that was credited to families drawing close for comfort from the sudden shaking of our world as we knew it.

Things changed. History happened that day, and we were a part of it. How is it that I felt so involved and affected, and I didn’t even have a loved one inside a plane or one of the Towers that day? I am guilty of moving on and forgetting some days, letting that roll into years now, and not praying like I did that first day and the weeks afterward.

What a reminder to me- this world, our country, needs our prayers now more than ever.

This post originally published 9/11/06 at Adventures In Babywearing.


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