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August 07, 2007

Rx For Starbucks

CoffeeSpending time in long lines and dropping $4 everyday at Starbucks just might pay off over time for some women, as a study suggests that coffee may slow memory decline. Caffeine just might block the buildup of proteins that lead to mental decline, according to Karen Ritchie at the French National Institute of Medical Research.

I must agree, as I've found that often my iced venti soy vanilla latte is the only cure for Mommy brain.

The article states, "She said people should weigh any brain gains derived from caffeine against other effects of the stimulant, including raised blood pressure" (And I might add debt and empty pockets from $4-a-day habits.)

Of course, I guess you could just brew your own. But that's no fun.

(And hubby, in case you're reading this, I do not really go to Starbucks everyday. But I'd sure like to...)


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