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August 14, 2007

He'll Be The Kid With The Home-Made Gift

The Chicago Tribune called the other day to ask my opinion about the lead paint findings in some of our most trusted toys. I am a mom of three boys, hello! I live in Thomas-land... how could you do this to me you cheeky engine?!

Although I wasn't quoted in the article, parts of what I said are mentioned. I was asked what I'd buy for a child's gift if we were going to a birthday party and the first thought I had was maybe something by Melissa & Doug- you know- good, trustworthy, wooden toys and then as I was talking to the reporter on the phone I looked and saw that they are made in Taiwan. Hmmm. Right now books sound safe or maybe a gift card so that the parents can decide what the child gets?

Just as we read the labels on our food and our sunscreen, we have to be reading the labels on our toys. Really, anything that has a label needs to be read. Of course, the toys that have been recalled were not labeled as "covered in lead!" but I am going to be extra careful about which toys I'll allow into our home from now on.

So just what exactly is safe to buy? I personally think home-made gifts are the most thoughtful sometimes, and I love to receive them, but not everyone feels that way. I can hear the whispers now- that weird kid whose family makes all their gifts.

Marcie, who blogs at My Two Boys and also the Chicago Moms Blog, has listed some safe, lead-free toy options here. I am still tempted to try an all homemade-gift Christmas this year. It's sounding better by the minute.

Stephanie blogs at Adventures In Babywearing.


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