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August 27, 2007

Confessions Of A Really Bad Housekeeper

DusterWith school starting this past week I am hoping to finally fall into some sort of routine. Lately, the following has been my current schedule for housecleaning:

-My flip-flop is officially stuck to the kitchen floor: I guess I need to mop.

-Kids have to drink their morning OJ out of fine goblets: maybe I should do the dishes.

-Kids wear Christmas PJ's to bed (it's August): time to do some laundry.

-Hubby towels off with a yellow ducky hooded towel: time to do more laundry.

-Kids have made drawings in the dust on my dresser: I probably should get out the Pledge.

-"Wouldn't it be fun if we went out to eat as a family tonight?!": I really need to get groceries.

Please tell me that you are not repulsed by my nice housecleaning schedule, but rather, you can relate...

And I am feeling a little bit validated after catching a small mention in the recent issue of Baby Talk about the new book A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder. Although I rarely agree with anything published in that magazine, I definitely will agree with what this book suggests. Such as: clutter can provide stimulation for developing minds. Your kids "mix and match things in creative ways. Having lots of things to look at and manipulate can be good for small brains," says co-author David H. Freedman.

Hmmm. I will say that I think that I am happier and more productive when I have a clean house, but when was the last time I put myself first? I think I can put off vacuuming for one more day,
you know, for the sake of my kids' creativity and all...

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