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May 26, 2007

I Feed My Fish, People

The other day my little one had a fever and I desperately needed to run some errands, had a pile of dishes like you wouldn't believe (or hopefully you would), and I also had 17 eBay items to get ready for mailing. I asked my mom if she could come by and hold the baby while I got some things done. She's the only other person that can hold him like that besides me.

I ran my errands after she came and was just about to start on the dishes when she said something that has been eating away at me ever since.

She said, "I cleaned off your counter." To which I said, "Oh thanks- I needed to do that."

Then she said that my middle son Carter asked her, "What are you doing?" The way she mimicked this was to imply that I never clean my counter and so the sight of someone cleaning my counter would be quite confusing to my child.

Then she said that she asked him if our fish needed to be fed and he said that we never feed it. All right- that's enough. As if I don't feel under-appreciated already. I feed the fish everyday, people. I do it at night or sometimes when no one happens to be around. Or at least every few days...

I am a mother to 3 and they have survived. I am capable of taking care of a fish- it's still alive, isn't it? And I do clean my house! I just might not flaunt it in front of the kids or my mother- but what's the point in cleaning the house with the kids running around anyway? I mopped the floor yesterday and would you be able to tell right now? NO. Same with the clean counters. And everything else, darn it!

Please tell me that I am not the only one with a mother life like this?

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