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May 13, 2007

If All Else Fails, Compliment The Shoes

My_shoesThe other night hubby and I took the kids to dinner at House of Kobe. Another family with a little one also sat at our teppanyaki table. We all made small talk and they asked if our three boys were "all ours."  I smiled and said yes, but thought who in their right mind brings extra kids along to a $20 per person restaurant. Who in their right mind brings extra kids along anywhere?

She asked me if I was a stay at home mom. I nodded yes and laughed, mumbled something about the three boys keeping me busy, the same old response. She smiled and at first I couldn't read her... so I said "is it that obvious?" I kinda meant it jokingly but it kinda came out annoyed. Which wasn't my intention. I think it took her aback and it turns out she was a stay at home mom, too. It felt awkward at that moment and so I did the one thing that will save any conversation... I said, "I was really admiring your shoes."

And soon we were best friends and were this close to braiding each other's hair and sharing our deepest darkest secrets. We were both wearing Crocs- she in her new gold Mary Janes and I in my Prima ballerina flats that she had never seen and oh where can she get them?

Meanwhile I notice our husbands giving each other blank looks between bites of their salads. Soon she is telling me she likes how I dress our children and that they are so well behaved. I literally did a double take to make sure that it was, in fact, my own children next to me and they hadn't been switched with quiet and mannerly pretend-children. They were still mine and wow she must really want to be my friend if she thinks they are well behaved. I learned she was a hair stylist and now have tips to keep my boys' hair long and stylish (detangler immediately after bath...it's all about the product, people.)

I realize now that we never said our names, but we did share our kids' names, and I did tell her my blog address. I hope she emails me. We could be great friends. She had nice hair and cute shoes, afterall.


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