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May 20, 2007

Bag Lady

Grocery shopping today, I brought my own bags as usual. I am all about helping the environment, but must admit that I love how colorful my cloth bags are- it's all about the accessories, right? And by the way, I had my Ecobags before Oprah's Green episode, but that's OK- it's a trend I am glad to see catch on.

The person bagging my groceries was a bit confused by these things- these alien bags that seemed to be impersonating a bag, in the same shape as the plastic store bags, but they were made of cloth... crazy! He literally held it up and looked at it quizzically.

The cashier encouraged me to "help him out" and explain to him how to use it. I laughed and then realized she was not joking. I gladly bagged my own groceries instead.


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