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May 10, 2007

Blogging Turn Offs

Bloggingteeshirt_3 I admit, I've said it aloud once or twice. "I am so blogging this." But after a while, once you are a seasoned blogger, it should just be assumed that pretty much anything in your life (and sometimes your family's life) is subject to becoming blog material.

But the one thing that can ruin 'the mood' is when someone tells me "Oh, you gotta blog that." Or when hubby asks me (ladies, am I right?) "Are you going to blog this?"

Maybe I was going to blog about it. But now that you've asked me specifically, it's taken away the bloggy goodness of it all. It's like being told what to write, and I hate being told what to write. Blogging is my anti-assignment. And anyway, I already had the idea before you mentioned it, but now it won't seem original. I'm not in the mood anymore, thankyouverymuch. Hmmph.

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