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August 09, 2008

Happy the Hippo Needs a Good Lawyer


What's a zoo without a hippopotamus? 

Well, if things go according to the plan I read about in the Washington Post, the lone hippo at the National Zoo is going to be booted from his comfy digs next year.

They say there's a good reason -- the zoo is expanding the elephant exhibit to make it all nice and shiny for them.  But that means that Happy the Hippo has to pack his big toothbrush and leave the only home he's ever known.

As I was reading it out loud, Mr. PunditMom said to me, "Happy needs a lawyer."

Happy needs a lawyer!  I have a law degree and I practiced law for 15 years, but, sadly, I don't have a specialty in hippo law.

So what sort of expertise would be needed to stand up for Happy in court?  Someone who specializes in landlord/tenant disputes, perhaps?  Or, maybe it's just a straightforward breach of contract -- Happy must have thought there was at least an implied agreement that since he was born at the National Zoo and has entertained thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of visitors, that sufficient consideration was given by him to secure a lifetime lease on that space.

He's not cute or even possibly pregnant like Mei Xiang and apparently Happy doesn't have the gravitas of, say, a man-eating tiger!

He's not as photogenic as the brilliant pink flamingos on their flamingo-cam and he's certainly not interactive!  But can't we give Happy a break?  After all, he just wants a little space to call his own.

Come on, Washington, don't we at least owe him that much?

When Joanne isn't researching hippopotamus law, she's checking out all the political angles at her place, PunditMom, as well as MOMocrats, The Huffington Post, and BlogHer.

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